Brittney Marbley

Owner & Event Coordinator

I first realized that I had a...

knack for hosting and coordinating events when my best friend got pregnant with her first baby back in 2009. Not only was I over the moon about her new arrival, but I was also anxious to plan the perfect shower for her and her husband. Over the next few years, I hosted/planned several events for family and friends without ever noticing that I had a true passion for it.

Fast-forward to 2013 when my Husband proposed to me and it was game on! I loved everything about wedding planning, truly loved it. Naturally I hired a planner because at the time I was a full time law school student and knew I would need some help managing our event. To my surprise - despite being a full time law student, working a part time job, and maintaining an internship - I was doing a great job at coordinating my own wedding. From shopping around for the perfect venue, caterer, wedding boutique, bakery, to scheduling transportation, I was making things happen…and within budget!

Things went well with the overall planning and my Husband and I threw an amazing event; I felt so fulfilled. After our wedding my Husband said to me, “You did most of this yourself, we didn’t need a planner” . To top it off, my wedding photographer (a wedding industry VETERAN) commented on how take charge I was on my own wedding day and how adamant I was about still calling the shots despite being the bride. At that moment, I realized I was pretty good at this. It was not until I had family and friends repeatedly ask for help planning events when I had my “ta-dah” moment so to speak. I was apprehensive in the beginning; but after realizing I was constantly looking for a reason for my Husband and I to have an event and people were always asking for my assistance, I began to see this as a possible business opportunity. I finally took the leap in 2015 and Events by Brittney, LLC was born!